About us



Real passion

It all started with the passion for cycling of one man. Always searching for new clothes and accessoiries.

Be different

We exist because we strive to be different and innovative. That's what we try to achieve with our products.

Only the highest quality

Quality is never a question. We only create clothes and accessoiries we would wear ourselves. Only the best counts!

Meet The Founder

As a child I had a great interest in sports. I and the children in my neighborhood loved all the sports we could do outside. Football and cycling were the sports we practiced the most. We had our own version of the Tour de France in our neighborhood. As hard as we could did we cycle over the course of one kilometer. This was the beginning of my passion for cycling. Over the years I kept cycling and eventually I decided to turn my passion into my work. I combinated my interests in innovation and renewal with the cycle sport, and started giving clinics. After a while, I decided to develop clothes for the participants of the clinics. Nowadays my team and I develop cycling clothes for everyone that likes to wear remarkable high quality cycling wear.

Tjeerd Douma profiel foto. TD sportswear oprichter

Tjeerd Douma