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    T-shirt, polos, jackets, hoodies and gym wear with your logos? Calculate the price for free and immediately start designing.

    Why TD Sportswear

    100% FIT

    Our size determination tool helps you to always choose the right size for you. Doesn’t fit? Don’t worry, we will deliver new clothes in the right size to you, completely free of charge. Our 100% fit guarantee will help you achieve your dream outfit.


    We use only the best fabrics and materials at TD. We are so confident in our quality and service that if we make a mistake or if there is any issues with the clothing that you have ordered, we will give you a free new product within 60 days of notice.

    100% THE FASTEST

    At TD, we work hard to always be the fastest in everything we do. We deliver in 1-3 weeks, which is at least 2 weeks faster than our competitors. We’re the best option for custom casual wear. Get yours as fast as possible and don’t wait.


    At TD, our focus is on sustainability. We’re proud that some of our clothing lines are made from recycled materials, and we achieve our shipments without any CO2 emissions. Our ultimate goal is to operate completely carbon-neutral within a few years.


    Ready to choose t-shirts, polos, soft shells, hoodies and gym wear with your logos? First calculate your price and start your design from there. You can then choose whether you want us to design it or design it yourself.




    Start immediately by calculating your price via the button below and starting a design from there. Or contact our colleague Melvin for the possibilities. We will tell you without obligation what we can do for you. Together we will create your dream outfit!

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    Phone: +31621696291

    Email: [email protected]

    Printing and designing polos, t-shirts and softshells

    You can contact us for printing on t-shirts, polos and softshell jackets for both men and women, in multiple colors and with different logos. Our printed casual clothing is suitable for various occasions and activities, both inside and outside of work. You can use our clothing excellently as work clothing, for example in the catering industry or as company clothing, but also for activities outside of work such as a sports day or a day out with friends.

    Whether you are looking for a casual t-shirt, a stylish polo or a warm softshell jacket, we make it all with high quality. Are you stuck? Then let us help you!

    Want to design T-shirts, polo shirts and soft shell jackets yourself?

    Do you want to design your own casual clothes? This can be done via our design module on the website. We print your t-shirts, polos and softshell jackets with your colors and logos and you can order them immediately. You can also ask our designers for help.

    Would you rather have us design your clothes? No problem, we will give you design advice and put together the design of your clothing. After your approval, you determine the sizes of the clothing you want to print and we get to work. We will deliver your printed casual clothing within 1 to 2 weeks.

    Would you like to have casual clothing designed by us?

    Our guarantees for your custom casual clothing? We always supply the highest quality t-shirts, polos and softshell jackets, starting from 1 piece and almost any logo is possible. We are the fastest custom supplier and focus entirely on your personal outfit. Don’t wait any longer and start your own design or let us make one. You always get a 100% fit guarantee with our size charts.


    What size hoodie do I wear?

    After filling out our size configurator, you will receive two size recommendations for your custom hoodie with logo. One is for a loose fit that provides comfortable wear, while the other is for a tighter fit that is ideal for a sporty look.

    Sustainable Clothing: Does TD Make Sustainable Casual Clothing?

    Currently, we do not offer sustainable casual clothing, but we are actively planning a sustainable line. If you’re interested in sustainable shirts, polos, or hoodies, you can indicate this when placing your order. We’ll keep you updated on our developments in this area.

    Is the quality of the printed shirts good?

    Quality is paramount at TD. We use the best fabrics for our custom shirts, hoodies, and logo-printed t-shirts to ensure each garment lasts for years. Our more than 400 positive Google reviews confirm the excellent quality of our clothing.

    Sizing: Finding the Right Size for Your Custom T-shirt with Logo

    With our convenient online size configurator, you get an accurate fitting guarantee for your custom t-shirt or hoodie with logo. Simply determine your size online, and we guarantee a perfect fit. If it doesn’t fit, you’ll receive new clothing free of charge. You can find the size configurator via this link.

    Design Options: Design Your Own T-shirt with Logo

    At TD, you have complete freedom to choose colors and logos for your custom t-shirts with logos. Let your creativity run wild and create a unique design that perfectly suits you. Design your own hoodie with logo, polo with logo, or t-shirt with logo and make a statement!

    What is TD custom casual clothing?

    TD is your specialist in custom sport and casual clothing. We are known for our fast delivery, even from just one piece, and our excellent service. Whether you’re looking for a logo-printed softshell jacket or a custom t-shirt, you’ve come to the right place.

    Delivery Speed: Fast Delivery for Your Custom Softshell Jacket with Logo

    We aim to deliver your clothing within an average of three weeks after payment, but we also offer an express delivery option of one to two weeks. In a hurry? Feel free to contact us for options for even faster delivery.

    Color and Logo Options: Personalize Your Hoodie with Logo

    At TD, you have endless options to choose the color and logo that suits your style. Whether you want a hoodie with a logo, a softshell jacket with a logo, or a custom t-shirt with a logo printed, we ensure you get exactly what you want.

    Free Design: Design Your Own Custom T-shirt with Logo

    Designing your custom t-shirt with logo is always free at TD. Whether you want to do it yourself or let us do the work, it won’t cost you anything extra. We’re here to help you create your perfect logo-printed garment!