Washing instructions


– Turn the clothes inside out to prevent damage and fading of colors.
– Close the zippers and velcro securely and use a laundry bag if possible (or wash the clothes separately).
– Choose the gentle cycle (maximum 30 degrees).
– Use a minimum amount of detergent so that the colors fade less.
– Wash clothes as soon as possible after a workout. Sweat causes the colors on your jersey to fade. Dried-up sweat can even chafe the fabric, causing it to become thin and eventually tear.


– Prefer not to use a dryer to prevent the elastic fabrics in your jersey from lubing.
– Never let the clothing soak! This will increase the chances that the colors will fade and overflow.
– Do not use fabric softener! This can remove the quick-drying properties or reduce the water repellent effect.
– Drying in the sun also causes colors to fade. Dry the clothes preferably in the shade.
Hopefully the above tips can help you keep your cycling clothes nice and tight for a long time!