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1. Questions about prices/quotations

How do I adjust a quote?

You can add or remove products yourself in the interactive quotation. You can also easily adjust numbers. If you are satisfied with your quote, you can start the design from the quote. Enter your wishes and receive a non-binding proposal from our designers. Are you stuck? Then please contact us via our email [email protected] or sales contact person at the bottom of this page.

What are the group/quantity discounts?

You can see the graduated prices on the product pages and in the quote for each product. The prices include VAT, shipping and design costs. You are never faced with surprises.

Can I vary between the clothing lines?

That’s no problem. With us you can get every item in a separate line. This way you can combine endlessly between the different clothing lines.

Can I change an order I have placed?

We want to be as flexible as possible about this. Unfortunately, once we have started production, we can no longer adjust the design. Sometimes the numbers can be adjusted. Send us a message as soon as possible at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do. Of course, billing information and, for example, delivery addresses can still be adjusted.

2. Questions about the design

Can I extend my design to more products?

Certainly! We are happy to extend your design to any products you want.

Can you make a logo?

We like to do that. Usually this is free. Ask the designer who is working on your design about the possibilities.

Can I download a template to design myself?

That is certainly possible. We recommend contacting via [email protected] asking for the templates. Then we will send you the templates (in .ai format). These templates are editable with the Adobe Illustrator program.

Which colors can I choose?

You can choose from all CMYK, RGB and Pantone colors. Have you seen a beautiful color but don’t know which color model it is? Send us the color and we will choose it for you.

What file type should the logos be?

We prefer to receive the logos in source files such as: .ai, .eps, .svg . Don’t have these? Usually no problem!

We can often work with high-quality logos in, for example, PDF, JPEG or PNG. Don’t have logos in the above file formats? Send us your logos so we can review them. We also offer the option to put together a simple logo for you. This is often free.

3. Sizing questions

How do I determine my size?

Then you can always use our size chart. This ensures the right size choice. Do not hesitate and if you measure correctly, the size will also fit. In the unlikely event that it does not fit completely afterwards, but you can prove that you have followed the size advice, you will receive new clothing for free. Are you really not sure? Please send an email to [email protected]

4. Delivery

What is the status of my order?

You can always easily send an email to [email protected] with the request to receive an update on the delivery. If your delivery has not been on the road for more than 3 weeks, we ask you to be patient.

Can I place a rush order?

Is the need high? Discuss the possibilities for rush orders with us by calling our sales contact number below. In some cases we can deliver orders within 1 week. We will find out for you what the fastest possible delivery time is. We often charge a little extra for this.

Will I receive a track & trace?

After 1 to 3 weeks on average, your package will arrive from our production in the Netherlands. You will receive a track & trace as soon as the package has been registered in the Netherlands. You will usually receive your clothing within 24 hours via PostNL.

What is the delivery time?

We do our best to deliver orders within 1 to 3 weeks on average. The delivery time applies from the moment payment has been made. We cannot give firm guarantees as we depend on third parties for shipping and may be slightly delayed during busy periods.

5. Garanties & Wasvoorschrift

How long is my warranty?

With proper use, the clothing will last for years. However, you must use and wash it correctly. Has your clothing broken within a year due to a technical error? Send a photo of the broken garment to [email protected] with a short description of your complaint and we will find a solution!

6. Reorder

How do backorders work?

You can order from us from 1 piece. Send us an email with the wish that you want to order back to [email protected]. hen 1 of our colleagues will send you an order link, so that you can place an order again from there. We have saved the design for you, so you can assume that we will use the same design.

What pads are in the pants?

Nothing is more annoying than saddle pain. That is why we only use the best quality chamois. Our “least” pad is still above average and as you go for a higher line, the pad quality will increase. We only work together with brands such as Dolomiti and Elastic Interface. Guaranteed professional quality.

We are always looking for innovations and better possibilities regarding chamois leathers on the market. As a result, you are always guaranteed the latest and best pad leathers at TD.

You can find on the product page of the trousers which pad has been processed in the relevant trousers.

Difference women's and men's clothing

A men’s and women’s body is in many cases not the same. That is why we have special fits for both men and women. The clothing of the ladies is slightly more fitted so that it fits better on the body. In addition, the size charts are also somewhat different. Therefore always look in the size chart that is suitable for you.

The pants also have different chamois. These are precisely measured so that the ultimate wearing comfort is achieved.

7. Invoices

Can I have an invoice split?

You can! Inform your contact person by email of the amount you wish to see per invoice. We would like to receive the company name, email address and billing address per invoice.

Can I have an invoice adjusted?

Naturally! You can send this request to [email protected] . Let us know by email what you want to have changed and we will ensure that you receive a new invoice.

Can I add something to my bill?

Naturally! You can send this request to [email protected] . Let us know by email what you want to add, and we’ll make sure you receive a new invoice.

Get in touch


Would you like an update about your order or the current delivery time? Please send an email to [email protected] with the request for an update. This is the fastest way to the right colleague who will usually give you an update within 24 hours.


Do you have a question about a delivered order or is something not quite to your liking? Send us an email to [email protected] with your question or comment. If you could supplement this with photo material that would be nice. This is the fastest way to get a solution from us.


Do you have a question about a design we make for you? Then contact the designer who is working on your design directly by telephone or send an email to [email protected] . Then you will receive a quick response to your question.


Do you have a question about a subject for which the answer is not on this page or do you want to order something? Please contact Maryn at +31623329942 or [email protected] . Do you want to place a back order? Then send an email to [email protected] with your request to place an order.