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Meet our founder Tjeerd

Tjeerd Douma profiel foto. TD sportswear oprichter


I (Tjeerd Douma) once wanted to create custom sportswear for my own group of friends and business relations. Complete with my logo and colors, mainly to give away, so we could all sport in the same outfits. At that time, I spent months in an extremely slow process. I only received the design after a long time, determining the sizes was very complicated, and delivery took months. Then finally, when the clothing arrived, the quality was disappointing. Items were missing, the colors seemed different, and the fit was terrible. The message was ‘tough luck,’ we can’t help you. There you are with your big box full of unusable clothing. What now?


I was determined to get good outfits for my friends and business associates. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and search for a supplier who could create the perfect outfits with me. Quite challenging to determine how many centimeters wide a shirt or how high the collar should be. After struggling with sizes, colors, fabrics, and several test deliveries, I had beautiful outfits. They were so good that not only my friends loved them. Other business associates and acquaintances also wanted custom clothing like mine. Alright, I’ll help my friends and acquaintances get their custom cycling and running gear. I thought it would be a small effort on my part.


Soon, I received requests from people I didn’t even know personally. Could I make some custom clothing for them too? That was the moment I realized that there was a great demand for good sportswear with custom logos and colors. I took note of people’s wishes and delivered within about 4 weeks at that time. And with good quality too. Apparently, that was much faster than people were used to back then. The requests kept coming, so I started TD. In no time, I had a team around me helping hundreds of groups with custom sportswear every month.


After the umpteenth team, you start to realize that there is a huge demand for sportswear. You also see that you can really set yourself apart by being fast and choosing high quality. That was the moment we decided that TD should be the fastest supplier and only work with the best fabrics. It’s not good for our customers or ourselves if we’re slow and also deliver mediocre quality. That would drive people away, and like in the beginning, we want people to talk about our high quality and speed.


Now we sell custom sportswear to many teams and companies worldwide. Sometimes 1 piece, sometimes 10,000, and everything in between. From happy people to people who aren’t immediately happy. However, at TD, we will always do everything we can to eventually make a customer happy. And we’re doing well now as we approach 500 reviews with the maximum score. I started TD because I wanted to do it better, and that’s exactly the mentality we still have today. If you come to us, you’ll be treated like royalty. Always the fastest delivery, always top quality, and we’ll do everything to make you happy. We’re adding new team members, being more active abroad, and working hard every day with our team in Europe and at the production sites in Europe and Asia. All with one thing in mind: we will show the customer that we are the best with custom clothing for you and your team.


I wrote this piece after an adventure of many years, while also realizing that there is still a lot of beauty to come. Without our customers, we have nothing. We hope that we can help you too and show you that you can also shine in your custom team clothing. Contact us, create a design, or ask us to make something. We’ll blow you away!