Our mission



The sportswear industry is not as innocent as it seems. Millions of customers enjoy wearing sportswear, but these are often of an unfair origin. Clothing producers benefit from producing clothing as cheap as possible. But this results in enormous pressure on the factory employees at the beginning of the chain. They are victims of this system, resulting in forced overtime, child labor and underpayment. This is what they call modern slavery, and is still very common in our world. This must stop, and is the reason why we do our best to change this.


We proudly contribute to a fair clothing industry. We show that you can produce top quality sportswear in a fair way. And yes, at a fair price for both you and the factory employees! All this is possible because we use these 5 principles:

1. No forced or child labor

2. Fair paid employees

3. Additional income for factory employees

4. Better quality and productivity

5. Rigorous standards for the environment, people and safety


We cannot convince every clothing producer to make fair clothing. You can, however, make the choice to wear fair clothing. Are you ready to wear fairly produced clothing? Join our mission!

Meet The Founder

Tjeerd Douma profiel foto. TD sportswear oprichter

Based on passion and commitment

As a child I already had a great interest in various sports. Together with other children from the neighborhood we did a lot of cycling and played football. We had our own version of the Tour du France. Can you imagine that? That’s what we called playing outside. As fast as we could, we completed the 1 kilometer course.

Purchase team apparel

During the years I started playing sports with others. But it turned out to be pretty difficult to form a close team. Everyone had their own clothing and we always looked like a hastily assembled group. We were actually quite good and won a lot of matches, because yes, to win you don’t have to wear the same outfit as your team members. Eventually, we decided to purchase team clothing so we would look “styled”.

Easier said than done

Overloaded with information, prices and promises I chose a supplier. Incorrect sizes, delayed deliveries and many attempts later made me so frustrated that I decided to do it myself. From that moment I started supplying custom sportswear myself. Finally, never again false promises, poor quality or delays. You always get what you are promised and the quality is never a question mark. I knew for sure: the customer comes first. Service was the word I would focus on. “Honesty is the best policy” was what my father always told me.

Fair and slave free sportswear

The “what goes around comes around” saying convinced me that I do not want to participate in an unfair sportswear market. After all the stories of exploitation and abuse in factories, I decided that I only want to deliver fair clothing. All people in the production chain need a safe and good life. This led to the “100% slave free clothing” mission of TD sportswear. It’s time that we become aware of malpractices in the garment industry and actually do something about it. That can be very simple. TD sportswear makes its clothing slave free, but the more people choose for slave free sportswear, the faster this becomes the norm in the clothing industry.