Purchase conditions custom

Version valid from January 1, 2021


1.1. These purchase conditions describe the ordering process for the delivery of TD sportswear products.

1.2. The purchase conditions do not replace the General Conditions of TD sportswear.

Order process for customers

The ordering process for sportswear broadly consists of the following steps:

Step 1, Completion of your own design or with a designer.
Step 2, Determine Sizes
Step 3, Payment
Step 4, Delivery

Design (step 1)

3.1. You make your own design via our design module or ask the help of a designer. We will help you create a design free of charge.

3.2. A customer can receive a digital proof by e-mail on request. This will remove any errors from the order. A customer agrees and after that no claim can be made on small design and color deviations.

3.3. It is possible to order an actual product as a sample. The sample is an actual garment in the established design and with the desired finish. The delivery time is approximately 3 weeks.

3.4. If no sample is ordered, the customer cannot claim minor design and color deviations of the clothing compared to the proof.

Determine the correct size of the clothing. (step 2)

6.1. The size chart on our website can be used to determine the correct sizes for cycling clothing. When measuring correctly and using the fitting tool, a 100% fitting guarantee applies. In the unlikely event that clothing does not fit properly and the customer can demonstrate that it has been measured correctly and the advice corresponds to the delivered product, the customer is entitled to a new product.

Payment (step 3)

5.1. After completing the design, determining the correct sizes and possibly assessing the samples, you fill in your measurements via our online order portal and pay for the clothing.

5.2. Every customer receives an invoice after payment. You can also receive an invoice to pay with. Request that from us.

5.3. After receipt of payment or proof of payment, the order is final and the production of the order is started.

Delivering the clothes (step 4)

6.1. The standard delivery time is stated on the website. The delivery time applies from the moment the payment of the order has been received.

6.2. Express delivery can be arranged. We then charge an extra surcharge per product to speed up production. If we do not meet the stated express delivery time, you can request a refund of the surcharge amount. Failure to achieve an express delivery by TD does not give the right to completely cancel an order or reclaim the full amount.

6.3. The stated delivery times are indicative and no rights can be derived from them, unless otherwise agreed in writing. In this case, the customer is therefore not entitled to a refund of money. There is a possibility that delays will occur during the production process due to, for example, a production error, errors in the design with logos and/or colors, etc. This may cause delivery to take longer than the standard delivery time.

6.4. For every order shipment costs of 9,95 ex VAT will be asked.

6.5. In the event that the clothing has to be sent to multiple addresses, the total of the various shipping costs will be charged.

6.6. The customer will receive a notification + track & trace code via email as soon as the clothing is sent to the customer. Usually the clothing is delivered the next day to the specified delivery address. Different delivery times apply for foreign countries.

6.7. In the event that the delivery cannot be delivered to the delivery address specified by the customer, any additional costs for shipping will be borne by the customer.

Payment Terms & Billing

7.1. All amounts mentioned in these purchase conditions are exclusive of VAT. 9.2. TD sportswear uses a standard payment term of 7 days.


8.1. The customer can request a backorder of clothing by e-mail to [email protected] or place a backorder via the design module.

8.2   There is no minimum purchase for a repeat order.

8.4. The same delivery times and shipping costs apply to repeat orders.

8.5. For repeat orders, the full costs will be invoiced in advance.