Pro 800 cycling shorts

€76 – €66

These are our best-selling cycling shorts and are the ideal choice for all your fanatical and relaxed rides on the road bike or mountain bike. Whether you’re riding alone or with friends and colleagues, these bib shorts will keep you looking and feeling your best. The Dolomiti chamois pad and the Italian fabrics are of such high quality that these shorts belong to the top segment. Treat yourself to top-level bib shorts to complete your rides. We are confident that we will satisfy you with these luxurious shorts. Moreover, you can fully customize these bibs to your colors, logos and patterns.

Product details
  • Tight fit for a comfortable and stylish look
  • Both sizes available for men and women
  • Side and back made of 82% polyester and 18% elastane
  • Front made of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane
  • Strong fabric [does not thin after over time]
  • Moisture-wicking and finely breathable Italian fabrics
  • Reflective strip for safety
  • Full Italian fabrics and ultra-strong seams
  • Shammies made by Dolomiti® – OEKO-TEX® certified.

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Braces and Back Panel

The braces of these professional cycling shorts are made of a fine and stretchy fabric consisting of 80% polyester and 20% elastane. This provides a breathable effect and rapid sweat removal, ensuring you don’t suffer from wet and chafing braces. Moreover, you won’t even feel the braces while cycling. The back panel is made of a 140-gram blend of polyester and elastane, allowing it to be printed with your logos and colors without showing through. This not only pleases your sponsors but also ensures maximum comfort. The difference from the Elite 1200 shorts lies in the fabric’s structure. Rest assured, these Pro 800 shorts also belong to the top-tier category of cycling shorts.

Side Panels

The side panels of these luxury shorts are made from the strongest printable fabric. With a unique blend of 82% polyester and 18% elastane, your logos and colors can be printed crisply on the fabric while maintaining an incredibly comfortable fit. The fabric conforms like a second skin around your legs and stays securely in place. Additionally, the side panels offer maximum breathability and ensure easy sweat evaporation. Achieve peak performance with these Italian fabrics.

Mesh Suspenders

These shorts feature super fine Italian mesh suspenders, made of 80% polyester and 20% elastane, providing optimal comfort. This mesh is also used in pants for top athletes. The suspenders fit perfectly to your body and excel at wicking away sweat, keeping you comfortable during wear. Thanks to the elasticity of the suspenders, they will never fall in the wrong place and always maintain their original shape. You can be sure that these bib shorts will last for years and bring you a lot of enjoyment.


These bib shorts are equipped with luxurious elastic grippers on the legs that always maintain the perfect fit, regardless of the thickness of your legs. The grippers always return to their original state and will not become loose. This keeps your pants comfortable and stylish without worrying about rolled-up pant legs. Additionally, you can have the gripper printed in a beautiful color to add extra style to your bike rides.


The piece of fabric on the inside of the thighs is black and non-printable because it needs to be durable for a longer lifespan of the pants. It consists of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane, ensuring that the pants remain in great condition even after thousands of kilometers. The downside of printable fabric is that it tends to pill quickly when rubbing against the saddle and thighs. That’s why, like other brands, we use a strong and non-printable material of the highest Italian quality to increase durability.

Men’s Chamois

This chamois belongs to the very best chamois you can find, known from the most expensive cycling shorts brands. The Mortirolo chamois is crafted by the world-renowned chamois manufacturer Dolomiti. This chamois is developed with an open-cell foam of multiple layers with densities of 65 (kg/m3) and 120 (kg/m3). With a thickness of 16 mm, this luxurious chamois guarantees excellent protection during your cycling adventures. The front, with a density of 65 (kg/m3) and a thickness of 4 mm, ensures high elasticity and a pleasant soft feeling when in contact with the body. The second layer, with a density of 120 (kg/m3) and a thickness of 12 mm, supports the cyclist during extreme distances and efforts. Thanks to its outstanding protection and comfort, you’ll never have to worry about saddle soreness again. The foam’s perforation significantly increases perspiration. The holes also allow for airflow through the chamois, providing a sense of freshness and quick drying. This new generation chamois dries better, breathes better, and offers more seating comfort than almost all chamois pads released until now. With this chamois, you can comfortably ride for over 6 hours without saddle discomfort.

Women’s Chamois

This chamois is among the very best you can find, known from the most expensive cycling shorts brands. The Endurance 2.0 chamois is crafted by the world-renowned chamois manufacturer Elastic Interface. The chamois features a central insert specially refined with smaller and more precise materials for optimal comfort. This pad is developed with high-density foam generation that offers excellent protection for long distances and a great fit designed specifically for female cyclists. Additionally, the EIT X-Tract fabric has a double-layered structure that helps collect and expel moisture. The perforated base layer provides increased breathability and quick drying. Moreover, the chamois has a maximum pressure resistance of 80kg/m3. You can comfortably ride for over 6 hours with this chamois.


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