Men’s TD Classic Bib

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How to measure

All TD sportswear clothing is developed in such a way that a size L shirt is comparable in size to a size L wind vest and jacket etc. The sizes of the clothing are European. Your chest circumference decides your jersey size. Your hip circumference is leading for pants. Below you can find both the European sizes in centimetres and the American sizes in inches in the brackets.

Size chart man

Size Chest Waist Hip
XXS 84-88 (33-35) 70-74 (28-29.5) 72-76 (28.5-30)
XS 88-92 (35-36.5) 74-78 (29.5-31) 76-80 (30-31.5)
S 92-96 (36.5-38) 78-82 (31-33) 80-84 (31.5-33)
M 96-100 (38-39.5) 82-86 (33-34) 84-88 (33-34.5)
L 100-104 (39.5-41) 86-90 (34-35.5) 88-92 (34.5-36)
XL 104-108 (41-43) 90-94 (35.5-37) 92-96 (36-38)
2XL 108-112 (43-44.5) 94-98 (37-39.5) 96-100 (38-39.5)
3XL 112-116 (44.5-46) 98-102 (39.5-40.5) 100-104 (39.5-41)
4XL 116-120 (46-47.5) 102-106 (40.5-42) 104-108 (41-42.5)
5XL 120-124 (47.5-49) 106-110 (42-43.5) 108-112 (42.5-44)
Size chart women
Size Chest Waist Hip
XXS 79-83 (31-32.5) 60-64 (24-25.5) 68-72 (27-28.5)
XS 83-87 (32.5-34) 64-68 (25.5-27) 72-76 (28.5-30)
S 87-91 (34-36) 68-72 (27-28.5) 76-80 (30-31.5)
M 91-95 (36-37.5) 72-76 (28.5-30) 80-84 (31.5-33)
L 95-99 (37.5-39) 76-80 (30-31.5) 84-88 (33-34.5)
XL 99-103 (39-40.5) 80-84 (31.5-33) 88-92 (34.5-36)
XXL 103-107 (40.5-42) 84-88 (33-34.5) 92-96 (36-38)


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  • Slim fit
  • Fast-drying Italian fabrics
  • Heat and moisture permeable shoulder straps fabric
  • Ligthweight
  • 75mm Italian silicone grippers
  • Elastic Interface Endurance 2.5HD chamois pad for 8+ hours
  • Reflection strips for safety
  • Luxurious flatlock seams
  • Subtle pocket for valuables or radio

Have you ever cycled on one of the best and most comfortable chamois pads there is? The Italian chamois pad manufacturer Elastic Interface produces the Endurance 2.5HD chamois pad for TD. They are known for their extremely high quality and you might know them from the very expensive shorts you sometimes come across. This pad will let you experience supreme comfort and support on all of your rides. Do you race? Do you want to look fresh in a nice bib short or do you simply want a superior quality short? Then the TD Classic Bib short is suitable for you. The upper part of these pants are made with ultra-light mesh for wicking and breathability. The Italian fabrics on the short let you experience a super soft fit around your legs. In addition to that, the luxurious silicone grippers ensure that the pants stay perfectly in place. The subtle pocket keeps your valuables safe during your ride. The typical TD logo’s on the grippers complete your look. Treat yourself and choose for quality and high performance with the TD Classic Bib Short.

Thanks for riding a TD bib short. Let’s make each other proud!

Chamois pad

ENDURANCE 2.5 HD MEN uses the stitched technology and it offers an anatomic fit, with great protection throughout the pelvic tract. Very high-density foams are applied under the top layer to deliver maximum performance on long distance rides. ENDURANCE 2.5 HD MEN guarantees adequate protection to male anatomy while in saddle, providing perfect fit and saddle stability. As all EIT products, the shaping of the central channel is engineered according to specific anthropometrical measurements, in order to relieve pressure from the urethra, favoring blood flow. ENDURANCE 2.5 HD MEN features Elastic Interface® ECO X-Fifty fabric, with a REPOC construction delivering cooling functions and quick dry.

Elastic interface zeem specificaties TD sportswear broeken Elastic interface zeem specificaties TD sportswear broeken detail foto

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